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leather pens

The leather pen is very easy to use, enabling you to mark around the flaws on your leather materials with precision. The ink can be removed with a cloth or by using our leather wipes to remove the remaining residue.

Instructions for use
bullet Remove lid and push the pen nib down several times onto a spare piece of hide until the product flows freely.
bullet Use the leatherpen™ to mark around the flaw. Different colours can be used to highlight different types of flaw on one hide.
bullet To remove the pen line simply rub off with a dry cloth
(wait until the ink has dried before attempting to remove).
bullet leatherpen™ wipes are available to remove any remaining residue or ghosting.

Important - Always test leatherpen™ for suitability prior to use.

Caution: leatherpen™ is not suitable for use on suede or aniline hides. In house laboratory testing is available to ensure the best product is selected for your particular needs

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