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Introducing the new leather pen exclusively from Fantas-tak. Fantas-tak Retail Ltd have developed the leather pen primarily for marking faults on leather prior to cutting, as well as other applications such as ID marking. Leather pen works perfectly with cutting systems from specialists such as Gerber, Tessio and Lectra as well as all other leading automated camera capture systems. Leather pen replaces traditional marking methods such as crayons and coloured tapes which can often present time consuming and costly drawbacks. Developed for one of the world's leading automotive manufacturers, leather pen improves yield, productivity and profitability within the cutting line.

To use the pen, remove the lid and press the tip several times onto a scrap section of leather; it can take up to one minute to prime the pen from new. Use as a normal marker pen, but a little slower. For stronger colours or a thicker line, depress the tip fully and use in a dragging motion with the tip fully depressed whilst in use. For lighter or thinner lines, only depress the nib for more ink where necessary and use as normal. If left in use for a period of time and the ink flow is poor, tap the pen sharply a few times on a hard surface to free the ink in the tip. This will open up the tip and improve the flow. Or simply take the tip out of the pen, turn it round and replace. If both of these methods fail, replace the tip for a new one. Always remember to put the lid back on when not in use, or the tip will dry out. Any dirt or debris can be cleaned off on the back of the hyde.

The pens are available in 4 standard colours in boxes of 20 pens. Brown, blue, green and white. To remove the pen marks, which can take up to 1 minute to dry, wipe away with a dry cloth. If any residue or ghosting is left behind, use Fantas-tak leather wipes for a professional finish.

Leather pen wipes are available in a range of sizes including jumbo tubs of 150 wipes. Spare tips can also be purchased in units of 50. Please contact our team should you require any further help or information on how to get the best out of your leather pen.

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